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Have you had enough of being given paracetemol for every diagnosis ? Have you had enough of waiting for months to see a specialist ? Can’t afford Harley Street prices ? Your Medic is UK doctors directory which aims to find and identify highly qualified UK doctors, clinics and alternative health professionals who deliver excellent services at affordable prices.


Why Private Health Care ?

Many Expats despite coming to UK from countries of much lower economic¬†growth, is shocked with poor quality of care provided by NHS doctors. Today’s bureaucracy means that in many cases going to your GP or hospital is like playing Russian roulette. We all know the scenarios of waiting a few days or even weeks just to get 15 minutes of your doctor’s attention and be sent back home with the paracetamol prescription for nearly everything that is wrong with you. Unfortunately, today even health institution, one of a few that would seem to work on an ethical principle, revolves around the money. Private health providers will many times provide better services by striving to give you what you need rather than make your needs fit into a big system.


Quality of Services & Waiting Time

We all know that identifying symptoms and certain health conditions in early stages is very important in determining the outcome of any treatment. Many of our clinics will save you months of waiting by offering you basic tests, scans, treatments or procedures, within the same day or even during your appointment, and if necessary, you will be referred to your closest hospital, and any serious surgeries, scans, chemotherapy or other procedures will be funded by the NHS.¬†Your Medic UK doctors directory continually strives to identify health professionals that provide the best possible care in the fastest fashion possible. Not only you’ll have a chance to be seen much quicker, but many times our clinics will give you a chance to be seen by renowned doctors and professors who care, see you as long as they need to and also speak your language.


Affordable Prices At Your Medic’s UK Doctors Directory

Although your health does not have a price tag and our UK doctors directory lists all medical professionals regardless cost of their services, Your Medic will help you find many UK doctors and clinics that offer their services at very competitive, affordable prices.