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With the growing consumerization of private healthcare industry that’s taking place in the United Kingdom, doctors online reputation becomes as important as their offline reputation. Amongst an increasing number of review sites, private doctors and dentists are the second most read online reviews behind restaurants. Websites that review and rate private doctors & clinics, simply became the biggest word-of-mouth recommendation and referral sources from other people.


Why should you review and rate private doctors & clinics ?

Online reviews not only have a direct effect on independent doctors and clinics incomes due to their impact on attracting new patients, but ratings from other patients are also very important part of what a consumer should consider when picking doctors, clinics or anyone practicing medicine, whether complementary or alternative. Whether you read a review or review and rate a doctor yourself, you can give/get or contribute to invaluable information about doctor’s experience, professional conduct, procedure and the safety record. “You have a lot to lose if you choose the wrong doctor.”


How can you review and rate private doctors & clinics on Your Medic Website

Reviewing and rating itself on “Your Medic” is very easy. Simply spell the name of a practitioner you want to rate in the search field at the top of the page, and go to his/her profile page where you will find “review section.” But before you write anything about your physician or any other health practitioner listed in Your Medic’s directory, you might have to fulfill a few requirements.

  1. You will be required to login/register your name and email address.
  2. You will need to be a registered patient of a practitioner or a clinic you want to review and rate.
  3. If for any reason we can not receive a confirmation of you being a patient of a reviewed doctor or clinic, we’ll ask you to provide a copy of your registration or receipt for your treatment.

We ask you for all these only to prevent misunderstandings, fake reviews from disgruntled ex or current employees or competition, or practitioners who want to avoid bad reviews.


How should you write a review and rate private doctors & clinics on Your Medic Website ?

Review & Rate Private Doctors & Clinics
While it may be a simple decision to review and rate a restaurant, you should think twice before you write something about your doctor. Remember that once your review is published, people are going to use your words to determine whether they should seek treatment from the doctor. It’s a decision that could affect someone’s health or even life, either positively or negatively. The responsibility here is much bigger than helping determine whether someone should dine at a restaurant or watch a movie. Here are a few tips on how to review and rate private doctors & clinics.

  • Are you writing the review because you are angry? While anger may be very appropriate, make sure you have good enough reasons to write about it. There might be better outlets for your anger before you put your word online. Contacting the doctor or clinic directly and expressing your concerns might have a positive effect for both, you and your doctor.
  • Are you writing the review because your doctor asked you to or offered you a discount on his/her medical services, but you don’t feel comfortable doing so? Some doctors call it an incentive, We call it bribery. If you feel pressured or bribed to write a review, then simply, don’t.
  • Do not write about or deduct star rating because of the appearance of the waiting room. This criteria has nothing to do with how well your doctor communicated with you. Be sure that this criteria has an important aspect of health care, for example: hygiene.
  • Don’t mix up your doctor’s personality with their capabilities. It’s not important unless it affects positive communication. Your doc can be a great person but he or she might lack of experience and might diagnosed you incorrectly. On the other hand that grumpy old man can be an excellent specialist that saves each year many lives. Be fair and try to give or deduct stars for the doctor’s capabilities, experience and the procedure and the safety record.
  • Make your review short, succinct, essential and specific. While the tiny details might be important to you, other patients don’t really need to know your last 3 thyroid test results to understand that they were translated incorrectly. Dr. Dolittle who won’t refill your pain pill prescriptions can’t be reviewed badly for following certain laws. “This doctor doesn’t know what he’s doing” If you want to write a review like that you will need to support it with a reasonable and an educated statement that will explain why your doctor failed.
  • Finally..No name calling. Name calling might have a place in collage, not in a doctor’s review.



How should doctors manage negative reviews

Many health professionals continue to be fearful of online rating sites despite evidence that they have nothing to worry about. The recent study from the Journal of Urology (86% positive), say that the majority of doctors reviews and ratings are better than most doctors would think.

Today most consumers rely on online resources to make purchasing decisions – and healthcare are no different here. In most cases people who review and rate private doctors & clinics are great source of income due to their impact on attracting new patients. However a negative content published about physicians or other health professionals can also have a detrimental effect on their online reputations and the success of their practices. That’s why online reputation “matters more” for doctors than for restaurants, hotels or any other local businesses.

Like any other public-facing businesses, being a doctor or alternative medicine practitioner means that you will have to address angry comments. The best advice here is to be professional and try to leverage the situation- If your patient posted negative comments after a visit, try to contact him or her and see if anything can be done to improve the situation. Reply to the comment by either accepting fault, apologizing, or explaining.