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HIV Vaccine – We are getting closer


HIV vaccine could be soon a reality according to Canadian researchers. The medical team, of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, confirmed successful results. The first phase of testing HIV vacine (SAV001) which is based on a genetically-modified ‘dead’ version of the virus, boosted the production of antibodies in patients it was tested on.

“We infect the cells with a genetically modified HIV-1,” team leader Dr. Chil-Yong Kang told Ontario Business Report. “The infected cells produce lots of virus, which we collect, purify and inactivate so that the vaccine won’t cause AIDS in recipients, but will trigger immune responses.”


Why HIV vaccine hasn’t been invented yet ?

Creating HIV vaccine has been very difficult. HIV virus is a very complex and highly changeable, which makes quick development of a successful preventive HIV vaccine very difficult, but not impossible.

What makes HIV is different from other viruses is that your immune system never fully gets rid of it. Most of us who are infected with different virus recover from the infection, our immune systems clears the virus from our bodies, and often develop immunity to it- it simply won’t make you sick the next time you are exposed to it, you will need a new mutation of the virus to be affected. This is true even for viruses that might be deadly, like influenza.

In case of HIV virus, human body can’t fully get rid of it and develop immunity to it. The antibodies created by your immune system are not effective, in fact HIV targets, invades, and then destroys some of the most important cells of your immune system itself, which in turn over time renders your body ineffective in its ability to fight disease.

Another reason for HIV vaccine not been invented yet, might be more of the conspiracy theories department, but history clearly shows us development of HIV vaccine been halted by US government many times. The 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and environmental activist Wangari Maathai stated: “I have no idea who created AIDS and whether it is a biological agent or not. But I do know things like that don’t come from the moon. (…) I guess there is some truth that must not be too exposed.”





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