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Find a Doctor Who Speaks Your Native Language

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If English is not your mother language and you feel more comfortable asking questions a doctor who speaks your native language, or you want to use services of doctors from a country that has an outstanding reputation for services in many medical specialties and offer competitive prices – Use “Your Medic’s” user friendly search options to find a Doctor who will suit your needs.


Why do you need a doctor who speaks your native language ?

Linguistic and cultural diversity within the United Kingdom today is far greater than in any other European country. Rapid increase of the population with limited English proficiency and cultural differences is emerging as a new risk that few doctors and patients are able to handle. A primary care physician such as a GP, Gynecologist or an Internist who knows and understands your needs can be your most valuable health partner. To obtain successful results in treating medical conditions, communication with a doctor who speaks your native language can play one of the most important roles in today’s health care. This cultural partnership is not only important for you to feel comfortable asking questions and talking about your personal matters with your doctor, but it’s also very important for your doctor to identify and clearly understand your condition, and demonstrate empathy, concern and humanism.



How to search UK doctors by language in Your Medic Directory

To find a doctor who speaks your native language, simply enter the address and the name of a specialist in the search box, or choose a specialist from a category page, and use the drop-down menu located on the right at the top of a page.



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