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Can You Trust NHS Trust ?


Can you trust NHS ? Despite 10 years of reforms, the NHS is still among the worst with death rates 45 per cent higher than the leading country, which is America. In 2013, Channel 4 News revealed previously unpublished data which showed how badly UK’s hospital mortality rates compare with other countries. NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh told Channel 4 News: “The fact is we have a health service that is admired around the world, founded on the cradle to grave principle”.

I am not really sure what he meant, but you don’t need a rocket scientist to spot how bad and dangerous these world admired service is. Doctor who is not concerned about 40 degrees temperature in 3 year old child and advocates “fan therapy” to see if his temperature improves before he can be seen, sends the shivers down my spine. I’m speaking here from my own experience, but the kind of stories about incompetent, imbecile behaviour of some of NHS’s professionals are endless.


My Own Experience

Cocooned in the affection and pride that not just NHS but any health services were one of the few institution that worked on an ethical principle, I was brought up to be a believer. Poor and rich get equal treatment, health does not depend on wealth, money can not give you health. But as I grew up I started to realize that I have to abandon my unique believe in nobility of our free health care. I’ve been an athlete and a student of Physiotherapy and always had a special interest in health, and this is what made me realize that in many cases looking for help in your local surgery is simply waste of your time. Someone who refuses you to see a specialist and prescribes a pain killer for a clear and very easy to diagnose, third degree ligament tear, shouldn’t be allowed to treat patients in my opinion.

A month of persistent cough in my child for 2 different general practitioners was a case of: 1- Asthma with immediate prescription of an inhaler without conducting proper investigation, 2- That’s normal, kids cough a lot. A 100 pounds visit at paediatrician office revealed pneumonia and landed my son in a hospital. When I complained, I was told that It’s impossible because my child did not have any temperature at the time. Neither he had at paediatrician office. No further comments here.

I also chose NHS to perform my back fusion procedure, mainly for financial reasons, 20 000£ procedure was not something I could afford. But it made me really worry when immediately before operation the consultant reassured me that my leg pain will stop. Thank god he said it.

What about those people who happen to have a different interests in their life and put their trust in NHS. For many of them visiting GP nowadays might be like playing Russian roulette. Better care, more educated answers to your question and many times solution to never ending health issues, clearly told me that private care can indeed make you healthier, save your life and in serious cases is a necessity.


What’s Wrong

Many people will contribute bad NHS reputation to a supply and demand problem. More medical staff is needed to cope with more demand which leads to rationing and importing third world doctors. As much as lack of communication with doctors who need more English lessons might be a part of the problem, that does not explain imbecility and lack of interest in helping you, regardless of mother language. It does not explain idiotic rules and billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being wasted every year either for overpriced hospital supplies, excessive utility bills or bad management.

Latest technologies, modern equipment, yes we might have it, but all these are useless without quick and accurate diagnosis. It simply looks like that the Hippocratic Oath has been discarded, and the Golden Rule has become: He who has the gold sets the rules.


Can You Trust NHS?

Bureaucracy, under-trained doctors reading diagnosis from the script, countless, needless re-visiting your doctor. All these to end up with serious so many times life threatening complication of perfectly treatable condition, if detected in time. How many times have we all seen it. This system will always ensure that we will either never spend enough on our health in NHS or spend enough on private for-profit institution. None of these sounds noble, but when it comes to your health the second one is the obvious choice.


- NHS wastes billions on overpriced hospital supplies
- NHS waste over £40 million on utility bills
- NHS is accused of wasting £2 billion

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